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[Pictures] Patriotic Gents Health Train Stopped at Akorabo

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It was all joy and laughter and a welcoming atmosphere the Saturday morning of the 16th of November at Akorabo and its neighbouring farming communities with the arrival of the Patriotic Gents Health Train, a health Clinic organized by the Patriotic Gents Group, a noble humanitarian group.

Akorabo is a central community in the Suhum Constituency of the Eastern region of Ghana.

A community that complains of most activities or events ending up at the Suhum township due to convenience and the bad nature of road leading to those area. The community that prides itself to be the native home of the immediate past Chief of staff (Julius Debrah) of the immediate past government of the republic of Ghana. These natives were delighted or over excited at the arrival of this health Caravan (Patriotic Gents Health Train) organized by the Patriotic Gents, a wing of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) .

This was because the event was the first of its kind of such a service in the lifetime of this modest community and its surrounding communities. To some of these natives or residents, it was a timely activity since some of them were to supposed to even travel to Suhum that very day or the day after for health services. It was also a relief to those who had plans to go and spend money to attend to other health facilities in areas that was far from Akorabo and had to cost them extra exorbitant amounts to get to those destinations.

These were poor peasant farmers with little of nothing to even write about so a timely free health care service for a long list of illnesses with all types of health professionals were truly a timely intervention if not a miracle.

It was truly an exciting place to be as the Patriotic Gents in collaboration with the Constituency Executives and the MP of the Area Hon. Opare Ansah became the talk shop for the day as their National health Caravan made a stop at Akorabo, providing full blown hospital services to the several communities in that Area in a non-partisan manner, touching the lives of many.

Whiles at it the team took some time to provide some of the folks with food and water whiles they educate the communities about preventative health parctices and also their civil rights and responsibilities as well as the need to take advantage of several national initiative like the Planting for Food and Jobs, Free SHS, the National Health insurance Scheme and others to better their lives and help lift themselves and their families out of Poverty.

The Akorabo community called this initiative by these Young Noble Men and their collaborating Constituency executives as well as with the blessing of the MP as a timely miracle. This initiative by the Patriotic Gents served a total of 319 cases entirely and referred some 67 additional partial or whole drug prescription to some private pharmacies as well as some additional 38 cases to some other hospitals for further attention. This was because the only barely functional existing clinic in Akorabo was even closed on the Saturday of this Health Train event and cannot even boast of a quarter of the services that was being rendered to those communities on this faithful day.

The Patriotic Gents Health Train is one of the several initiatives by the Patriotic Gents humanitarian Group, serialized to travel the entire 16 regions of Ghana in a repetitive manner with the hope never to stop but continue for as long as their strength and resources can carry them.

The Patriotic Gents is a humanitarian gentleman’s Noble group, a wing of the NPP Party, comprising of development oriented and enterprising young men who believe in personal contributions to touching the lives of the underprivileged and the needy to bring smiles and satisfaction to people who see these as a luxury.

A group that strongly believes in the actions and beneficiaries telling the good story instead of the usual Pump and Pageantry parading all activities. The group can boast of some very renowned Honourable and respected Patrons, Such the Hon. Dr Okoe Boye, Captain Rtd. Nkrabea Effah Darteh, Hon. Dr Yaw Adutwum, and a few others who contribute ideas to the rich and independent visons of this noble humanitarian group.

Kwabena Berma Pobi
(External and Media Relation Directorate)

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