Health Officials Traces 119,115 Persons for COVID -19 within 60 Days

As part of measures to stop the spread of Novel COVID -19, Health officials from the Ghana Health Service for the past 60 days traced 119,115 persons for testing across the country.

Out of this number, 3,538 persons were tested positive of Pandemic COVID -19 and have been Isolated for treatment.

On the routine surveillance, a total of 41,047 were tested and 1,474 were positive.

Also, the mandatory quarantine number was 1,041 at which 115 were positive of COVID-19 under the period (12th March to 12th May).

The case count for confirmed cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Ghana has jumped to 5127 as of May 12.

The country’s recoveries stand at 494 while 130 other patients are still awaiting their second test results.

The death toll is 22.

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