COVID-19 : “Don’t lift restrictions on social gathering”-GMA urges government

Ghana Medical Association has called on President Nana Akufo-Addo not succumbed to the pressure mounting by some men of God to lift the ban on social gathering.

According to the Association, it will be suicidal for the nation if the ban is lifted.

Speaking to Lawyer Ohene Gyan on Democracy on Kessben FM, Dr. Frank Ankobea, President of Ghana Medical Association appealed to the president as Matter of urgency to hold on for now and ascertain the proper way to deal with the covid 19.

“Lawyer, we are appealing to president Akufo Addo, president please don’t hasten to them, we are begging you” he said

Dr. Ankobea noted that while it is early to make a definitive judgement on the President’s decision to end a restriction on social gathering in the country over the coronavirus pandemic, it makes them anxious

“We are saying that the decision to lift ban on social gathering will be bad and will feel nervous based on what we know about the trajectory of this disease,” he told Lawyer Ohene Gyan

“It’s not only churches we are against but all the social gatherings. We have just issued statement this evening to make our position clear on this issue to the government, when the infectious rate increases pressure will on the facilities and the human resources, so we are still appealing to the president not listen them” Dr. Ankobea urged

He noted that the churches cannot ensure and observe all the protocols and for that matter there is no need for government to lift ban on social gatherings now in his next speech.

Meanwhile the total confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Ghana has increased to 4,263 with 22 deaths whiles 378 recoveries have made.

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