Airport Company: We’re alert for coronavirus, no students came in unscanned

Ghana Airports Company

The Ghana Airports Company says it is on the alert to ensure that no one enters Ghana with the coronavirus.

There are rumours that some Ghanaian students from China entered Ghana without being screened.

But the Airport Company has debunked the assertions.

The Head of Port Health at the Kotoka International Airport, Gideon Aquaye, said: “Before entering the arrival hall, you are given a health declaration form to fill and not a questionnaire as being speculated.

“The health declaration form has contact name, gender, date of birth, nationality, country of departure, countries visited for the past 14 days, passport number, flight number, seat number, contact address in Ghana, contact person’s number, telephone number. At the back, we also have other questions; you have to fill all.

“So, we use this one for contact tracing; when we have these particulars, then all these particulars are with us. We make sure everybody who enters Kotoka International Airport fills this form. After filling the form, then you get down to the arrival hall, we have our thermal scanners; the thermal scanners are there to check your temperature, they monitor the temperature of every traveler.”

He emphasised: “The thermal scanner will monitor your temperature, if your temperature is above the threshold, it will show red and that is the time we will isolate you. Then politely, we will send you to the holding room [the quarantine bay] at the arrival hall. When we send them to the holding bay, we ask them to relax, it can be 30 minutes, sometimes someone’s temperature might be 38 and will come back to 36.”

“So, when they are claiming that we fill questionnaires, that means we are doing our jobs. We don’t do physical checks: when you come, we search you, no”.

Continuing, he said: “When your temperature is above the threshold, that is the time, we escort you to the holding room. If still the temperature is above the threshold, we have a medical team here [the port health, airport clinic and the ambulance], we have to inform those people; quickly, we have to inform the international health regulation focal person that there is a suspected case here.”

At the quarantine bay, he stated that there is an exit to the tarmac through which people can be sent without returning to prevent the spread of the disease.

The coronavirus has hit about 50 countries with thousands dying from it.

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